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Our brand responsibility 


Every item we create, is made by small local manufacturers
in Tel Aviv or around the world.
we make sure the people we are working with are paid fairly and working in decent work places.
90% of our manufacturers are based in Tel Aviv.
10% from around the world - Turkey, South-Korea & Japan.

Eco solutions 
Our fabrics and materials are natural, and dyed\ printed with ecological solutions. 

we produce small quantities, to keep our designs exclusive and protect our beloved plant creating less textile waist and pollution.

All of our textile waste is being reused as filling materials for our bags, and fabric scraps are being reused in our one of a kind up-cycled items. 

All of our wrapping materials are compassable, made from paper/ recycled bio materials.  

Cruelty free products
Ofnat bracha is 100% vegan, we never use materials made from animals such as leather, silk or wool.
all of our materials are plant based.   

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